First Impressions Do Matter

First impressions do matter

It’s true, in most things, and definitely in your home.  I love to make an entry an inviting expression of the people that live in the home.

Most homes have an entry area that can be defined, even if it is small.  I like to start with a rug to create a “room”. The pattern or color of this rug is an indication of the style of the rest of the home, and can often pull together design of adjacent spaces.

Every entry needs a table, creating a place for fresh flowers, candles, family photos, and seasonal items.  I also like to put a lamp on a console table if there is electrical, as it creates softer lighting than an overhead fixture.

Mirrors are perfect in an entry, and I like to use unique pieces that look more like wall art than mirrors.  There are so many great options, and many of them are much less expensive than they look.

Finally, if space allows, it is nice to have some type of bench for people to take on or off shoes or to set a handbag or coat.  If the entry is small, smaller benches can sometimes be tucked under a console table and pulled out if needed.

This is a space to express yourself, so have fun with it and change it up when you get bored!

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