Room Consultation: A comprehensive review of selected room includes advice on furniture and accessory placement and creative ideas to improve the overall appearance of your space. Additional services include: shopping on-line or in stores for suggested items, paint selections, window-treatment and upholstery selection, and putting your room together with accessories, artwork, etc.

Hourly Design Consultation:Tailored to your needs and the size of your project

Personal Shopping: From accessories to furniture, this service will save you valuable time.

Paint Selection: Assistance in selecting the best color for your space based on lighting, furniture, and accessories.

New-Build/Renovation Consulting: Recommendations for cabinetry, tile, counter tops, flooring, and lighting that will work within your budget to create a cohesive style for your new home.


  • "I feel so lucky that I was introduced to Susan as we have now completed countless projects in my house together! She always brings so many fresh and new ideas to every space and I love the way my house looks. I share her name all the time as she is wonderful to work with and always ties a room together beautifully. I am so glad our paths crossed!"

    Suzanne Bolling
  • "Susan has transformed my entire house into a home that is beautiful, warm, and extremely functional for our family of 5! I get so many compliments on our home and I credit Susan because of her expertise in interior design!"

    Staci Clark
  • "What I really appreciate about Susan is that she works with items that I already have and incorporates them in to her designs. I feel like she really understands my personal style and takes that into account when she is doing a design for me. She has been able to find distinctive items that blend well with my current pieces yet give a room the wow factor I am looking for. She has been spot on every time!"

    Jessica Milchak
  • "Susan has helped me with a multitude of projects and each one has turned out wonderfully. She is very professional, easy to work with and has an amazing eye for design. Her designs were beautifully laid out for me to visually see the lay out of each room and also included fabric samples for me to feel. Susan has been very punctual with my designs and quick to respond to any questions I may have had. My husband and I both trust Susan so we call upon her for all our little or big design dilemmas and she always helps us through. She is a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended from the two of us."

    Briana Shattuck