A room with a View

sunroom1sunroom1 restyle1 sunroom1 restyle2

This client wanted to create a cozy space for the family to enjoy the lake view. At the time, the room was used as a combination office and playroom. The minimal furnishings were not useful for the new design. Instead, we focused on maximizing the beauty of the hardwood floors and, of course, the breathtaking scenery through the picture windows.

In order to lighten up the space and accentuate the view, we had a carpenter install new trim around the windows and baseboards. We then painted it white and changed the wall color from textured terracotta to a crisp khaki.

The new furniture plan comprised an oatmeal-colored sofa with chocolate piping, two lounge chairs in matching fabric with oversized ikat pillows, and a chocolate leather ottoman.  We anchored the arrangement with a cream chunky shag rug. We choose the green accent color from nature, and skipped the window treatments in favor of the tranquil view outside.


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